Marketing AI: It’s Time For Trust and Transparency

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Marketers are on a quest for marketing nirvana, where every message recipient, whether prospect or customer, is receiving the perfect message at the perfect time in the perfect way. And while this kind of perfection can happen, I would hazard a guess that it currently occurs less than 10 percent of the time for most marketing organizations.

Marketers would love to move their effectiveness needle up to 60 or 70 percent, but that would require three times the people and three times the budget, and what business is eager to triple any part of their company these days?

No wonder all eyes are on artificial intelligence, or AI, to boost marketing effectiveness and scale our efforts at a reasonable cost. But our “AI vision” is currently blurred.

Marketers “get” the concept of AI making better use of their data and helping to increase their effectiveness, but there’s a gap between this basic understanding and putting AI to use. Marketers today have a “feeling” that a particular message will work for a particular audience, but they also know you can’t scale a feeling, and that feelings alone don’t operationalize.

Marketers need a clear path forward to the tools that will put this into practice.

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