Why Marketers Should Embrace New Technology

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Gone are the days when artificial intelligence (AI) was something you only see in futuristic sci-fi movies. Scenes from “The Minority Report” are already part of everyday life. Think about your Netflix account. It’s personalized for you based on what you watch, when you watch, and how much you watch. Most people didn’t fear this new technology but rather embraced it.

Netflix utilizes AI and algorithms to deliver high-value recommendations to its customers on content they would be interested in at the right time. As marketers, even in a B2B context, why wouldn’t we want to apply this approach? Click To TweetIt’s all too easy to abuse someone’s inbox and send them daily emails until they engage. But the reality is that it is the worst thing a marketer could do as it will eventually lead the customer to opt out.

AI and machine learning are changing the way that marketers listen, learn, and engage with customers. The applications for the technology in marketing are limitless, and it’s impacting everything from AI-based lead scoring to driving deeper engagement with customers and prospects through email, web, and social through personalized content. So, how can marketers embrace AI and machine learning?

The first step is to learn everything there is to know about AI and how it can apply to helping to solve marketing problems. What’s the difference between an inferential AI model or a deterministic model for marketing? AI can solve very specific problems but only when applied the right way. It’s all about a pragmatic approach. AI should solve a specific problem like how to communicate with customers where and how they want to be reached with the right content.

Hear more of my thoughts on how to apply AI to marketing in this DemandGen Radio podcast.

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