Overcoming Marketing’s 5 Deadly Fears

Marketing Challenges


Unless you are particularly good at playing possum, replacing fear with action is the only recourse for survival in the natural world. It is also the only clear course for marketers in the digital world.

For years, marketers have talked at length about enticing notions, technologies, and goals such as across-the-board personalization and artificial intelligence marketing. But for all the talk, few organizations are actually acting on such opportunities, due largely to the fear of risk, failure or the unknown. But those fearless marketers who are taking these difficult actions, even if they are only taking measured steps, are getting their desired results.

Courageous marketers are beginning to break barriers in many areas—not for fun, but because they have to. It’s the only way to successfully ride today’s rapid cycles of change and continually increase engagement with customers. Click To Tweet So, the time to act is now.

To read more on the five deadly fears marketers should face immediately, please visit MarTech Today.

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