3 Reasons Why It’s Crucial for Brands to Introduce Machine Learning Into Their Marketing

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Every so often, a story ripples through the media along the lines of “Scientists say a ‘smart pill’ is just over the horizon to make us immediately more intelligent.” While there is no telling when we will actually see such a pill, there’s a metaphorical “smart pill” available to marketers now, and it comes in the form of artificial intelligence, or AI.

AI is rapidly transforming the enterprise—and that includes the marketing department. According to a recent Gartner survey, 85 percent of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020.

Essentially, AI leverages machine learning to maximize the effectiveness of marketing efforts by predicting the best next customer interaction based on what it has learned through previous interactions. The more data AI has to work with, the better job it does identifying patterns of customer behavior and engaging them in more meaningful and authentic ways.

In today’s digitally connected world, customers are demanding brand experiences that resonate with them on the channels they prefer. And if they don’t feel as though a brand is being authentic, they’ll disengage. AI is the partner to the marketing team, helping it deliver the right message at the right time.

Moving past the anxiety about AI’s impact, here are three reasons why CMOs should tell their teams to cheer—not fear—the power of AI.

This article originally appeared on Adweek.com on August 7, 2017. To read the full piece, click here.

Cheryl Chavez

Cheryl Chavez

Group Vice President, Project Management & User Experience, Marketo

Cheryl joined Marketo in 2009 as the company’s first product manager. She has more than 17 years of experience leading award-winning products and SaaS offerings at both enterprise and start-up businesses. As group vice president of Product Management and User Experience, Cheryl is responsible for driving the product innovation roadmap and user experience across the Marketo Engagement Platform. Prior to Marketo, Cheryl held product management roles at MarketLive, Nextance, and Verisign. Cheryl has a bachelor of science (BS) in biological anthropology and pre-med from UCLA and was a recipient of Adweek’s inaugural “MarTech Superstars” distinction for leaders driving innovation in MarTech in May 2017.

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